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I was looking up the word "jamming" and too many definitions came up. Incase you are confused, take a look through my glossary.

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App Jamming is the ability for none programmers who are interested in computers and programming and want to be introduced to the basics of computer science concepts and create their mobile app with a ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Software engineering

Also known as a social painting experience, Art Jamming is a new term created by Betty Cheung in 2000 in Hong Kong. Art jam is a social event for people/groups to come together and draw from each ...

Domain: Arts & crafts; Category: 

A New York based record label owned by Universal Music Group has been established since 1984, and focuses on genres such as r'n'b, hip hop, and urban music.It was founded by Russel Simmons and Rick ...

Domain: Music; Category: Record labels

Sheung Wan coined the new term, "Family Flower Jamming". This is an idea drawn from "what next". After the going to the movies, after art jamming..."what next?", why not "Family Flower Jam". This is ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: 

A musical session, where musicians of many kinds,come together to make music or just play. Its a moment of improvisation. Jam sessions are often used by musicians to attempt to create new music.

Domain: Music; Category: 

A 90's hiphop song sung by Michael Jackson on his fourth album, Dangerous. It was produced in 1991 by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, and Bruce Swedien, written by Michael Jakcson, Teddy Riley, Bruce ...

Domain: Dance; Category: 

Also known as fruit preserves or chutney. usually comes canned or bottled, stored in a refrigerator when opened. It may be made to be sweet or sour and comes in many variations: strawberry, ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: Condiments

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