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Is anyone ever "ready" for marriage?

Married people, I am wondering - did you feel ready for marriage when you got engaged? Is it something that one is ever ready for? I am a man, by the way.
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Nexus 08:55, 24 June 2011
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  • esb 07:22, 15 December 2011

    I think some people is ready because that´s why they really want, but on the other hand some other will never be prepeared as they don´t want to get married, and if they take that step probably is because the pressure of the society, the partner, family...etc.

  • akrami 23:10, 16 August 2011

    Why Not. Since, It's an essential part of life. According to a majority of people I met, Life is incomplete without marriage. So, there is no reason for one's being not ready for marriage. It is the answer of what I got from your question.


    Thanks Akrami! This is a very positive response!

    08:59, 17 August 2011

  • shamoil ahmad 08:31, 6 July 2011

    marriage is a legal contract in the eyes of society. It is imposed relationship and curtails intrinsic freedom. One is ready for marriage due to fear of society.


    Shamoil took the words right out of my mouth..rather my keyboard.

    05:51, 15 December 2011